Day: December 8, 2019

Moving On From Disappearance: Welders Distributed Welding Gloves and Boots

There are some situations way and later on, wonder how you came out of it them; a disappearance survivor has a lot out say about the life of mystery they undergo while out there. If it is not for good wishes to come to their aid then they could not be alive. In one way or the other, you can play a role to enhance the safety of this vulnerable group. Let us look at welders and how the welding gloves and boots play a significant role in the lives of disappearance survivors.

One thing you need to know is that the boots offer excellent slip resistance such that even if they are on the run, no one can get hold of them easily. Moreover, they are also protective gear against thorns, metals and sharp objects that may cause harm to the feet. This explains the reason why uniformed officers must have the boots anytime they are at work and more specifically when in the jungle.

When out there in the run, your foot is your savior, the moment the feet have injuries then you are prone to be in the hands of the enemy. The boots help you to prevent slips, falls and even trips which make you susceptible to enemies. The fact that the sole is made of both metal and rubber; then you are sure the grip resistance of another high level. You have to remember that a disappearance survivor does not just walk in open places. They have to hide in dingy places which some of them could be in the jungle. The roughness of the place is what determines the speed at which one can move. There are cases where they have to step of electric wires that can cause shock but the fact that they have the welding boots then it acts as an insulator. This is the only means of survival for such members.

When we talk of the feet we cannot fail to mention the hands. These are four limbs in mammals that work together. Look at when you are climbing a hill. The hands support the upper body while the feet support the lower body. Welding gloves not only create warmth in extremely cold conditions, but they also come in handy to support any form of injury to the hands. You are a disappearance survivor and falls, trips and injuries are not news to you. They are unavoidable based on the state in which you are. All you can do is to protect yourself against any eventualities. Most of the time, when you fall, you always support yourself with the hand since the rest of the body has failed you. The impact may be so much that you might even lose your hands. The only way to stay safe is by wearing protective gear on your hands.

The best a welder can do to a disappearance survivor is to supply them with protective equipment to enhance their movement. This also includes the welding helmets to take care of the brain that houses the brain (the engine of a human being)

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