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Internet Privacy in the Digital Age

In the digital age, our personal information is at risk of being stolen and exploited in ways never before possible. This blog post will explore what you can do to protect yourself from identity theft online.

While some people may feel that they have nothing worth stealing or that their data is not all that valuable, it’s important to remember that there are groups out there who would love to steal your information for nefarious purposes. This includes hackers as well as people with bad intentions looking for a way into sensitive systems such as banks and government institutions. We’ll also cover what happens if your personal info does get compromised and how you should deal with the aftermath of an attack on your privacy.

Here are some tips that will keep you safe on the internet!

  • Use a VPN – A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all of your data before sending it over public Wi-Fi or cellular networks, which means nobody can access anything unless they have permission from your device. You can use a free VPN like TunnelBear, or purchase one through companies such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN.
  • Download an ad blocker to stop ads from tracking your browsing. These intrusive and sometimes malicious popups can be a nuisance, but they’re also used for nefarious purposes like spying on people’s online habits or even stealing personal data. Ad blockers allow you to browse the web without being bombarded by these pesky advertisements so that you have more privacy and peace of mind while using the internet.
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5 Tips to Survive the Memory of a Disappeared

The memory of losing a loved one to death is quite painful. But what’s more traumatizing having someone missing and not knowing precisely what happened to the person.

It’s natural to search for the disappeared with every resource at your disposal. Many unanswered questions keep running through your mind. Why did they leave home? Could they have been abducted? Where could they be? What could have happened to them? All of these questions hanging without an answer.

Initially, you’d continue to hope they’ll have a change of mind and return home. After some time, your hope begins to dash. Often, your priority at this point is either to receive just any news about your missing relative. Even finding them dead would seem like a relief to you. All you desire is answers.

Often, you’ll never get answers to all the questions on your mind, and you’ll have to live all your life with the memory of the disappeared. Some of the tips we suggest here could help you survive the memory.

1.  Make Adequate Effort at Finding Them

The most appropriate thing to do once you notice an unusual absence is to make a report. Let the police know every information that’ll help trace the missing individual-their last known locations, phone conversations, and every little detail.

Beyond making a report to the police, hire a private investigator to carry out an independent investigation. An independent investigator significantly increases your chances of finding your loved one. Ensure, however, that the investigation by the private person doesn’t impede police efforts.

Exhaust all your possible options of finding your loved one, and assure yourself you did everything within your means to find them.

2.  Don’t Blame Yourself

If your loved one left home on their own, it’s easy to think it was your fault they took a walk. The first step towards surviving the memory of someone who disappeared is to understand their decision to leave home wasn’t your fault.

Maybe you just argued before they left, and you sit to recount what you should never have said. Stop blaming yourself, and understand the decision to go wasn’t your fault.

Understanding they made the decision and not blaming yourself will help you live healthier, even while you grieve the disappearance of your loved one.

3.  Show Your Grieve

You have no reason to be hard on yourself. If you try to hide your grieve, it’ll make your situation a lot worse. Let your family and friends see and understand you’re grieving.

It’ll be more convenient for your friends to comfort you when they see and understand your anguish. Comforting someone in grief could be confusing for some people, but you can help by providing information about your needs.

This time is when you need friends and family the most. Don’t try to withdraw and stay away from them. Ensure they’re close, and accept all the help they can offer.

4.  Let Your Faith be Your Comfort

If you’re a religious person, times like this are the best period to draw comfort from your faith. Find the most comforting expressions from your confidence in the supreme being, and apply them to yourself.

Get immersed in the religious activities that are most meaningful to you. It could be praying, meditation, or any spiritual exercise that brings you comfort.

It’s not time to question your faith, but time to feed your confidence in the supreme, and comfort yourself with hope. Talking to your religious leaders may further help you live with the memory of the disappeared.

5.  Seek Help When You Need One

You might be missing a particular memory. Probably your missing loved one often sought after the best, healthy water to water your garden, and you enjoyed the person for ensuring your garden stayed healthy. But since the disappearance, your garden has seen less maintenance.

Ask help from other members of your family to fill in the gap created by the missing person. Let someone fill the vacuum they created as much as possible.

When necessary, consult a therapist to help you overcome your grief.


It’s difficult to forget a disappeared, loved one. If you’ve done all within your power, but couldn’t find out what happened to your lost family member, it’s best to find the best ways of living with their memory.

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Useful Home Products That Can Be Donated To Families Of Disappeared People

In the world today, an individual vanishes- a man returning from work, a daughter trekking home from school, or even a young man who is out enjoying with his friends- and no one seems to be concerned. Well, victims of enforced disappearance are those who have literally vanished from their community and loved. They usually go missing because state agents or organized crime groups take them from their home or grab them from the streets. Since these people are never released, their fate remains just like that unknown.

Since their families and friends do not know where they are, they are left devastated and there is very little chance that anyone will come to help them. They, therefore, experience slow mental anguish. Not knowing whether their father or mother, daughter or son is still alive or not and how they are being treated often leaves them living in limbo. Since men are mostly targeted, the families they live behind may not have any proper source of livelihood. Its, therefore, of great help to donate some useful home products to them. Here are the top 4 useful things that can be donated to the families of the disappeared people:

❑ Pressure washers

As one of the most useful home appliances, a pressure washer is perhaps the best donation that you can give to these families. These families might be so much devastated and financially constrained that they will not be able to afford a pressure washer. A pressure washer and/or kids washer and dryer will, therefore, make their washing easy, save them time and keep both their environment and families safe. Overall, a pressure washer can greatly help them at home.

❑ Water heater

These families may also be in great need of a water heater. Just like other home appliances a water heater usually comes with a lot of benefits that these families can enjoy. For instance, it will go a long way in enhancing energy in their homes. Remember, high-efficiency water heaters usually use less energy as compared to the standard ones. Besides, they require low maintenance, they are eco-friendly, are convenient, are durable and they use less water.

❑ Refrigerators

Refrigerators are also some of the best donations that you can give to the families of the disappeared people. Nowadays a refrigerator is not only part of life but also used in every house. Since it’s used to cool both water and food and works at low temperature it can greatly help these families who may not be able to afford one. More so, since they spend most of their time searching for their loved ones they can use refrigerators to preserve their food.

❑ Coffee maker

If you appreciate the flavor of coffee then you know why every home should have at least one coffee maker. Most people in the world over usually start their day with a cup of coffee. This will provide them with the energy that they need and remove all the fatigue that they had before. It’s, therefore, a very good donation to give to the families of the disappeared people.

Nowadays, it is very important to be practical in many things and being practical in donations that will be given to people would be greatly appreciated especially when those donations can be used in everyday life.

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