Life After a Disappeared Returns: What You Need to Know

When a loved one goes missing, the family and close friends are thrown into a state of fear, confusion, and hurt. It’s a very painful and traumatizing experience you wouldn’t wish on anyone, even your enemy.

The reasons why people disappear are as different as the individual themselves. Some disappearances are deliberate, while some are not. However, it’s always a thing of joy when a disappeared returns. But can life go on as before? Read on to discover how to handle the situation after a missing loved one returns.

● Give Them Time to Adjust

Whether they disappeared of their own volition or were forcefully taken and held against their will, disappearing disrupts their normal routine. And now that they’re back, they’ll need time to adjust.

It takes some people more than a year to ease into a new normal.  While this may seem like a long time, it might even take some of them less than that. It all depends on their support system. Members of the family, especially the mom, should be a pillar of support and help them adjust to the family routine.

● Constant Nourishment

When a person disappears, you don’t know the state of their health wherever they are. So it’s normal when they return, you’ll want to feed them to enable them to regain their health. Some disappeared looks haggard and worn when they eventually return, especially those forcefully abducted.

It would be best to start them on a diet filled with carbs, meat, and vegetables. Eating a balanced diet will ensure they fill out within a couple of months. Get an egg shape ceramic grill for grilling your steak. You can also prepare your brisket on a traditional stick burner. The overall goal here is to ensure constant nourishment for the returned to ensure a robust appearance is maintained.

● Ensure They Have Lots of Love and Affection

They need to be reminded that they’re loved, with words and especially with actions. After all, action they say speaks louder than words. Maybe the absence of love is what made them leave in the first place. Also, if they were forcefully taken, chances are, they weren’t shown love there.

After the awful disappearance ordeal, they’ll need to be showered with constant love and affection to help them forget the unpleasant experience and move on quickly.

You can start by buying things you know they like, preparing their favorite meals, and taking them out for a treat.

● Remember to Remove Their Name From Any Online Missing Person Directory

If you sent out a missing online appeal in the period they were missing, ensure their name is removed once they return as it might later cause problems for them as a result of their information on the internet.

It’s not a crime to disappear, and there’s no need for members of the public to have access to their personal information after they’ve returned. Having their name on a missing person site with unnecessary information can have a severe impact on their confidence, wellbeing, and mental health. It could also negatively affect their chances of getting a good job.

Although, it’s necessary to share a photo, full name, age, and residential address of a missing person to ensure they’re found safe and well, it’s unsafe to leave that personal information long after they’ve returned.

● Consider Therapy for Them

It’s not easy returning after a disappearance. For those that disappeared deliberately, there must have been issues they were experiencing that made them turn tail and run. Through therapy, they might be able to address those problems and find ways to overcome them.

Therapy is also good for a disappeared that was abducted. It’ll help the disappeared let go of the traumatic experience by talking about it with an expert who understands.

Through therapy, they’ll be ready to be incorporated into society again while trying to pick up their lives and establish new normalcy.


When a disappeared returns, it’s always a cause for jubilation, as the affected family ends the long days of waiting and wondering. However, certain things can be observed as you help them settle down to the new life after their disappearance. You have to ensure above all things that they’re well taken care of, given enough love and attention, and that their name is removed from any online missing person list. Doing this will help them forget those awful experiences and help them heal.


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