How a Photo Help A Missing Father

Missing persons are daily adverts we see on social media and local dairies. Look at a case where there are a missing person and no photo at all just the description which seems not to make sense. The search will be long and tiresome. A father in Toronto had a mental illness, one day he was left at home by the son who used to take good care of him. It had been his norm to rush to the grocery to buy fresh fruits for the grandfather. He never noticed that despite his illness, he knew how to open the door since it was risky to close it from outside. Usually, the father would open the door and just rest on the backyard. When the son came back he found the missing. It never hit him that probably he must have lost his way. He went on doing his normal duties. What now made him think otherwise was the long-time the father took. He now started making calls to the neighbors if at all they could have seen him. Luckily enough, when he was walking on the streets someone noticed that he was not speaking the coherent language and decided to take a photo of him and posted on the local Facebook page and Whatsapp group. In a bid for the son to also try and post the photo on the same pages to seek help, he came across the father’s photo. He communicated with the person who posted the photo to get directions and that is how he finally traced the father and brought him back home.

Imagine if there was no panorama picture…

of the father. This was going to be the longest night for the son. He could have spent time and money in police stations, hospitals, and even funeral homes just to randomly check if he could have found his way there. Panoramic photos come in handy to save in such situations. It makes the search easy and fast.

In this case, technology was of help…

This is someone who was driving and took the photo of the man from a distance for he could not know how he was going to react. Whether he used a digital camera or a smartphone, the camera properties made it easy to get a clear picture of the father for fast recognition. It saved the government the paperwork that could be involved to trace the families. If the son was also not a member of these local groups then he could have had a hard time getting the father.

When you visit the police stations to look…

for a missing person, they need his photo to publish it on the dailies for easy trace. A simple photo is a savior in a long search for a missing person. That is the reason it is important to always have a backup of someone’s image for you never know when you might use it.


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